The benefit of having your dog groomed on a regular basis by a professional groomer is more than just making your dog's coat look good.

A professionally trained groomer will always cover the entire body which gives a very clear picture as to any problems that may not be visible to the owner. The dogs coat can hide many things including parasites and skin conditions, lumps and bumps. Groomers are amongst the first to detect any underlying problems because of the thorough coverage whilst bathing and drying.

All of the following areas are covered when you book for a full service with Simply Groom.

Ears are checked for overgrown hair in the ear canal and the hair is removed when required. The ear canal is also checked for a build up of wax and dirt and cleaned when necessary. This helps prevent ear infections and irritation.

All nails including dew claws are checked and clipped if necessary. Dogs have four nails on each paw and in many cases but not all a further nail called the dew claw which can be found higher up the foot. The dew claws tend to grow slow but still need to be checked regularly as a common problem is that they can curl around and embed into the skin. The four main nails should be slightly raised from or just touching the floor when the dog stands. Nails left to overgrow can change the structure of the dog's foot which in turn can affect the dog's mobility.

The anal glands can sometimes become blocked, some breeds are more susceptible than others and diet can be a contributory factor. If the anal glands become blocked the dog may show signs by dragging its rear across the ground. A further sign is an unpleasant smell. The glands will be checked and expressed if necessary.

If your dog has a fear of being groomed, I recommend that the owner carries out brushing for a few minutes each day, or once or twice each week. Over time the dog will shift from tolerating the process to actually enjoying being groomed.

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